Welcome to JSIS Iron & Steel India Pvt. Ltd.

Grade Description Wt range/capacity

C.I all grades I.S 210 from FG150 to FG 260

All grades of C.I castings for steel (CO, BF, RM) Power, Coal, Oremines & Cement industries

From few Kg to 15 mt/piece.
800-900 mt/month

S.G Iron
SG 900/2
SG 800/2
SG 700/2, 600/3,500/7, 400/10,15,18 & 350/22

All grades of S.G Iron for various industries including wind power generation and valve manufacturing industries

From few Kg to % mt/piece
50 mt/month

Steel/Mn Steel
IS 1030 all grades/IS 276

For various industries of Steel, power, Coal, Cement & Auto-mobile industries

From few Kg to 5 mt/piece,
100-120 mt/month